Hair and a special song

My husband always cuts my hair and he's really good at it to. Today I washed it and decided to take a photo of it. I never wear it out, but always in a brade. My kids has hardly seen it loose. 

So why do I always keep in braded, people often ask? Well, in the Old Testament women always covered their hair. I do that sometimes as well (not like a muslim though). But under the new covenant, I have had it explained to me by a rabby, long hair on a woman actually is sufficient compared to the vail. That means that we do not have to cover our hair anymore, unless we want to. 
So in that way I'm old fashioned and believe that women should have long hair. My daughters can choose for themselves though. So I don't empose my opinions on others.
This little hairproduct has made my life so very much easier. I put the hair oil in after washing my hair. I have really thick hair and a lot of it. This product actually protects the hair and makes it easier to brush. A friend gave me this tip and I have used the product ever since.

I saw the longest hair I've seen in a long while when we were downtown today. It was beautifully braded. I just had to take a picture of it. All of a sudden my hair doesn't seem so long after all...

We saw the anaesthesiologist today. The meeting went great. The birthing plan is basically to try to slow down the delivery, if possible, so that the baby won't end up with such severe injuries as baby J got. The doctor is the best in her field at our university hospital. I left her office feeling confident and braver then I have ever done. I trust her expertise!

Afterwords we went downtown for some datetime and thaifood. We had a great time together, mr Björklund and I. 

We also saw these cool chairs made of corke. We both really liked them. They can be bought at Household in Sweden.

Baby J is getting ready to climb into the car to go to granny and have some qualitytime with her. She looks so tiny next to our van.
Well, it has been a long, but good day. We also recieved the gift of three bikes for our kids. That is something we have been needing for a while. 
We also gave away a babybed to a family that needed it. "Paying it forward"... That is such a blessing.

My best today was when my extra dad called and left me a song on my answering mashine. My real dad used to sing to me all the time. I really treasure moments like that. 
I thank The Lord for everything that has happened today! He is my strength and the song in my heart, especially in the night.

Postat av: Erika

Aww!! What a wonderful day :-)

2014-07-17 @ 02:23:51

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