Corn and a very hot day.

We had +33 Celcious in the shadow today. Far too warm for baby J. So I spent some of the day at Ikea with her, since they have airkondition. She got to eat some soft icecream, which she really loved!

My husband measured the temperature in the car today. It was extremely hot!

We tried cooling off with some tasty watermelon, but baby J didn't like the taste at all. Touching it was fun though...

Well, the heat made everybody loose their appetite. So I decided to make something different for supper. 
First I cooked fresh corn. I just absolutely love fresh corn!
We usually eat them with melted butter, salt and white pepper on. Yummy!

We ended the day with some delicious shrimp sandwiches that I made. 

The night is hot outside and I'm heading for a cold shower before bed.


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