For the first time in ages I had an hour to myself, late last night. The house was quiet and the rest of the gang was sleeping. 
I took the time to try out some new clothes that I got from a nice lady earlier in the day. I love blessings like that! One of the clothes was a beautiful purple dress, that I immediately fell in love with.

Then I realised that I actually haven't taken any pictures of "the bump" this pregnancy. So I took this picture of a magical moment where I was communicating silently with my unborn daughter. I felt her move around inside of me. Such a tender moment.

Here's another photo of the dress (and the bump if course).

I had a really bad day yesterday with nasiousness beyond belief. Because of the pregnancy (although I'm halfway through...) and the migraine I ended up having. The warm weather finally got to my brain. But a couple of hours of sleep, a cold shower and this beautiful bouquet of flowers made it all better by evening time. 
I ended the day (really late last night) with a nice glass of nonalcoholic wine sitting on my balcony.

Our adorable baby J with her strawberry outfit. She is so much fun to be with. I love watching her grow and learn.



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