Colourful pasta and a pair of googles.

We had some business to take care off downtown today. So we headed down by bus. Here is baby J wtih her dad on the bus.

I had some bloodwork done to check if the dosage of my bloodthinners are correct. 

They had an ugly painting on the wall in the laboratory. I actually thought it was a male organ first, before I looked closer and saw that it was supposed to be a mans face (and not his ...) 
We had a nice lunch at the hospital before walking downtown. I finished the lunch off with a chocolate muffin. 
Then we got a lot of our errands done. One of the more fun things was to water my moms plants. My husband has a couple of boxes with childhood things to sort through, in her apartment. I found these googles among them. 

Feeling mighty pretty (ha ha)

There is something irresistible with old things though. I'm talking about the glasses, but my kids would say that I am old and irresistible (hrmph)...

Baby J had a lot if fun trying to "help out" with the sorting through.

Baby J got to taste fresh raspberries for the first time today. She really didn't like them. I love her adorable face!

I finished the evening off with some take out. I had a kebab for the first time in 20 years. Chicken kebab with hot and garlic sauce. It was actually tasty. 

I saw some pasta that I really would like to taste. Irresistible colours & shapes. The are sold in a small Italian food market downtown Uppsala (Sweden).

I have to post this picture that I found on the internet. It's such a cool way to serve watermelon. I wish I was that good with the knife.

And this simple but awesome idea on how to serve fresh strawberries.

It was an intensive, but very nice day. Sadly mr Björklund is suffering from pain in his neck and head after the assault. So he'll have to revisit the doc again. Please pray for a quick recovery for him, if you have the time to!


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