Buying summer Santa's

I saw this picture on the internet today. And I must say that I'm really impressed. What a woman!

We actually got a new microwave, that was given to us today. It's much bigger then the old one, so all our plates fit in it. We are so blessed!

I have to make a confession here... I'm longing for winter, snow and Christmas. I was groceryshopping today and stumbled across something that made my yearning a bit more bearable. I found Santa foam candies! 10 bags for 1$ - so I bought 10 bags. It felt a bit weard to buy Santa's in July at +35 Celcious...

We found cute little hairpins for baby J that actually held her hair in place. It's so warm that I want to keep it out of her eyes. She's so cute with it!

We went to a store that sells car stuff to find a sledgehammer. This is what we saw outside!

Gosh, the guy really travels with some extra gas *lol*.
Mr Björklund has been to the doctor again today, since his head and neck still hurts a lot. The visit went well. It'll take a month or so to recover from it all, but thank you to all who has prayed for him! We believe in a God who's in the miracle business!

We also bought this cute lemonade holder for our fridge. It also has an attachable part that you first put in the freezer and then screw into the middle of the container. In that way the lemonade turns cold and nice. I have cactus lemonade for the trial run. Fresh and tasty!

Here's today's selfie. I wear a maternity dress that I bought on sale the other day at H&M for only 50kr ~ 5$. It fits me well and is really cool and nice to wear.

I recieved my first birthday gift today! I turn 40 on Saturday! My husband had bought me the cutest little keyring that said "To my darling wife" and contained a bunch of love poems. So romantic and cute! 

I am excited for my birthday. I am a super curious person and I can't wait to open my gifts.
The day was really busy and the weather hot. But it was a good day!


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