A rain dance.

Today we had a thunderstorm and then the sky opened up. Of course I just had to go out and enjoy the rain! I love when it pours down. And today I got to dance in the rain!

Here I am in my new raincoat from Ikea, that actually fits well around my pregnant belly. 
It was so refreshing to finally have some rain. Nature needed it. I sure needed it.

I also decided to try on my new maternityblouse. It is very comfy and I digg the zebrastripes. The fabric is very cool on these hot days.

Then we decided to make some hot sandwiches. Here are my chef sons, with red onion, cheese and makrill with tomatoesaus. 

I love how the kitchen smell when something is baking in the oven. 

To that I actually had a glass of non alcoholic red wine. It went great together with the sandwiches. I have only had non alcoholic wine once before. This tasted ok.

This is the brand.

The rest of the day has been a strain due to events out of our control. I can just say this, that mr Björklund was assaulted today. The police has filed a report and the person responsible will be brought to justice. 
But we rest assured that The Lord is with us. My soul delights in Him. He is our strength & our joy, even when my anxious thoughts hunt me.

I am so glad to be with you mr Björklund. You are my best friend and I will stand by your side whatever life throws at us. I will be there! I will hold you. I will be there! 


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