A little climber.

I was so tired today that I layed down for a nap and woke up 5 hours later. Baby J is having a lot of dreams during nighttime and wakes me up up to 5 times a night right now. So with the pregnancy 'n all, no wonder I'm tired.
My hubby cleaned the house for us today. I love these acts of love that he does. 🌹
In the middle of cleaning everything just went far to quiet... So my husband went looking for baby J. This is how we found her:

I have no idea how she did it, but she sure climbed up herself. So - now we have ourselves a climber 😯.
I ended up making food and also started the endless project of doing the laundry. The most fun of it is that I washed baby J's new diapers and tomorrow it's foaldingtime! 
Baby J accompanied me outside and helped out with cleansing some weeds and also giving the rabbits their food. She just loves being my little helper!

Baby J climbed a ladder for the first time today. She really worked hard on doing it right. 

Here is our new girl. She is a gotlandskanin (which is an old Swedish meat production race). She has a great temper and is very easy to handle. She will have a couple of months to adjust and then we'll mate her.

Baby J is watering herself and our male rabbits. 
My vegetarian food today turned out to be delicious. I made lentil soup with tomatoes, onion, spenach and garlic. I also squeezed in half a lemon. It turned out great!
I just love soup! The rest of the family had spaghetti and meat saus. One of their favourites.
I tried out another one of the clothes I got from my new friend. It feels like such a luxury to just recieve great quality, beautiful, female clothes. I have grown a bit tired of my own pregnancy clothes after wearing them for ten earlier pregnancies. 

Here it is. Today's outfit. I really loved it and it is so comfortable. 


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