My 40:th birthday

It has been a calm and nice day today. I have been looking forward to leaving my thirties behind me, and now I have. 

The beautiful cake that my bonus daughter made for me today.

My mom had bought donuts. They were delicious. I haven't eaten donuts in many ears. 

People gave me beautiful flowers today. This is just one of them.

During my thirties I was a victim of violence in a close relationship, I survived two deadly diseases and my Dad died. It was a very hard decade personally.

This decade is going to be great. I have been declared healthy against all odds. I have two great grandsons. And soon eight living kids and three already with Heavenly Father. 
On the picture is my husband, with baby J and my grandson baby S.
Now I live with the kindest man I have ever known, my best friend and husband. I have a wonderful family and great kids. "Yes, it is good to be alive!"

My oldest daughter and grandson early this morning.

My oldest son and youngest daughter.

Our new car that we bought today. So good to have a larger car.

Some highlights of the gifts I got today.

The most humorous gift I got was from a Finn relative of mine. It is a pink toilet seat. She knows I love pink and butterflies. It takes a Finn to tango...

The funniest package I got today. The text in Swedish translates: "Congratulations Mom on your ... Birthday." My eternal 25 *smile*.

One of my absolute favourite flowers in the world!
The day has felt like this:

Over all it has been one of my best birthdays. One that I have longed for and looked forward to for a long time.

Corn and a very hot day.

We had +33 Celcious in the shadow today. Far too warm for baby J. So I spent some of the day at Ikea with her, since they have airkondition. She got to eat some soft icecream, which she really loved!

My husband measured the temperature in the car today. It was extremely hot!

We tried cooling off with some tasty watermelon, but baby J didn't like the taste at all. Touching it was fun though...

Well, the heat made everybody loose their appetite. So I decided to make something different for supper. 
First I cooked fresh corn. I just absolutely love fresh corn!
We usually eat them with melted butter, salt and white pepper on. Yummy!

We ended the day with some delicious shrimp sandwiches that I made. 

The night is hot outside and I'm heading for a cold shower before bed.

Unpacking nerds

Today we've been away all day. First downtown to run errands and to dine out. Here is a baby J at the china restaurant.

They have an aquarium there and she's very fascinated by the fishes. She waves at them and tries to eat them through the glass.

After that we went to sort through some boxes. That was a very warm job! 

But we had lots of fun doing it. We joked around, played games and laughed a lot.

There was one thing I found in my husbands childhood belongings. That was this cap with built in flyenet in front of the eyes. The problem is that the net makes it impossible to see!!!

I married a nerd. He he. 
Well, we got the job done.
I can't wait for cooler days. This is simply to warm for me.  I look forward to cooler days!

These are some of the flowers on my mothers balcony. They're beautiful!

Buying summer Santa's

I saw this picture on the internet today. And I must say that I'm really impressed. What a woman!

We actually got a new microwave, that was given to us today. It's much bigger then the old one, so all our plates fit in it. We are so blessed!

I have to make a confession here... I'm longing for winter, snow and Christmas. I was groceryshopping today and stumbled across something that made my yearning a bit more bearable. I found Santa foam candies! 10 bags for 1$ - so I bought 10 bags. It felt a bit weard to buy Santa's in July at +35 Celcious...

We found cute little hairpins for baby J that actually held her hair in place. It's so warm that I want to keep it out of her eyes. She's so cute with it!

We went to a store that sells car stuff to find a sledgehammer. This is what we saw outside!

Gosh, the guy really travels with some extra gas *lol*.
Mr Björklund has been to the doctor again today, since his head and neck still hurts a lot. The visit went well. It'll take a month or so to recover from it all, but thank you to all who has prayed for him! We believe in a God who's in the miracle business!

We also bought this cute lemonade holder for our fridge. It also has an attachable part that you first put in the freezer and then screw into the middle of the container. In that way the lemonade turns cold and nice. I have cactus lemonade for the trial run. Fresh and tasty!

Here's today's selfie. I wear a maternity dress that I bought on sale the other day at H&M for only 50kr ~ 5$. It fits me well and is really cool and nice to wear.

I recieved my first birthday gift today! I turn 40 on Saturday! My husband had bought me the cutest little keyring that said "To my darling wife" and contained a bunch of love poems. So romantic and cute! 

I am excited for my birthday. I am a super curious person and I can't wait to open my gifts.
The day was really busy and the weather hot. But it was a good day!

Colourful pasta and a pair of googles.

We had some business to take care off downtown today. So we headed down by bus. Here is baby J wtih her dad on the bus.

I had some bloodwork done to check if the dosage of my bloodthinners are correct. 

They had an ugly painting on the wall in the laboratory. I actually thought it was a male organ first, before I looked closer and saw that it was supposed to be a mans face (and not his ...) 
We had a nice lunch at the hospital before walking downtown. I finished the lunch off with a chocolate muffin. 
Then we got a lot of our errands done. One of the more fun things was to water my moms plants. My husband has a couple of boxes with childhood things to sort through, in her apartment. I found these googles among them. 

Feeling mighty pretty (ha ha)

There is something irresistible with old things though. I'm talking about the glasses, but my kids would say that I am old and irresistible (hrmph)...

Baby J had a lot if fun trying to "help out" with the sorting through.

Baby J got to taste fresh raspberries for the first time today. She really didn't like them. I love her adorable face!

I finished the evening off with some take out. I had a kebab for the first time in 20 years. Chicken kebab with hot and garlic sauce. It was actually tasty. 

I saw some pasta that I really would like to taste. Irresistible colours & shapes. The are sold in a small Italian food market downtown Uppsala (Sweden).

I have to post this picture that I found on the internet. It's such a cool way to serve watermelon. I wish I was that good with the knife.

And this simple but awesome idea on how to serve fresh strawberries.

It was an intensive, but very nice day. Sadly mr Björklund is suffering from pain in his neck and head after the assault. So he'll have to revisit the doc again. Please pray for a quick recovery for him, if you have the time to!

Yellow roses

Baby J turns 1 in just a couple of days. Today she got two new dolls (hand me down). She's really interested in their hair. 

She also got to do one of the best things that she knows today. To hang out with her oldest brother! She even got to borrow one of his play consoles. Now, that was a happy girl. Here they're watching something on the computer together.

Mr Björklund has spent the day at the hospital, being under observation. He's doing okay. But his guardian angel worked really hard yesterday. I am so glad he's fine. 

I made codfish for lunch today. I prepared it in the oven with some breadcrumbs, spices and lemon. It tasted great!

It was my dad's birthday yesterday. So today we went to the grave with some beautiful yellow roses for him. My dad loved yellow roses!

Then I had one of those cravings that you can get when you're pregnant. So late tonight I started making chocolate rolls. I used cold coffe to make them taste extra rich. They are cooling in the fridge now.

It's after midnight. I'm up with a little lady that just threw up and now she can't sleep. She's having a blast with her toys & her dolls. I love her enthusiasm! 

Tired, a bit sick, far to warm (not feverish), but very very happy.

A rain dance.

Today we had a thunderstorm and then the sky opened up. Of course I just had to go out and enjoy the rain! I love when it pours down. And today I got to dance in the rain!

Here I am in my new raincoat from Ikea, that actually fits well around my pregnant belly. 
It was so refreshing to finally have some rain. Nature needed it. I sure needed it.

I also decided to try on my new maternityblouse. It is very comfy and I digg the zebrastripes. The fabric is very cool on these hot days.

Then we decided to make some hot sandwiches. Here are my chef sons, with red onion, cheese and makrill with tomatoesaus. 

I love how the kitchen smell when something is baking in the oven. 

To that I actually had a glass of non alcoholic red wine. It went great together with the sandwiches. I have only had non alcoholic wine once before. This tasted ok.

This is the brand.

The rest of the day has been a strain due to events out of our control. I can just say this, that mr Björklund was assaulted today. The police has filed a report and the person responsible will be brought to justice. 
But we rest assured that The Lord is with us. My soul delights in Him. He is our strength & our joy, even when my anxious thoughts hunt me.

I am so glad to be with you mr Björklund. You are my best friend and I will stand by your side whatever life throws at us. I will be there! I will hold you. I will be there! 

Sunflowers and lions

My husband came home with flowers for me today. It turned out to be a sunflower. I love sunflowers! And there is something irresistible and romantic with being courted with flowers. Thank you dearest!

That reminded me of this picture. It is one of my favourites and I love the message in it. Because my mr Björklund always has my back. Always. I can always count on him and trust him with my life.

Most of the day has been really good. I had a chance to rest when baby J slept. The baby has been kicking around and moving a lot inside me all day today. Seems like an active little girl. 
Then we went to mom for an evening visit and the boys went to the BMX-court. My mom's driving down south to spend some time with my oldest daughter and kids. So this was ferwell for a while. We'll miss her a lot.

Mango and polka pretzels

Today has been a warm day. It started with baby J getting to know the concept of plastic animals. Her relatives gave them to her at Christmas, but she was way too small for them then.
Today she has learned to growl like a lion and bark like a dog. We're gonna continue working on the rest.

I made a delicious salad for supper tonight. Served on the side to some barbecue. 

It contains for example sprouts, chilli, mango, koriander and cashew. 

I roasted the cashew in floating honey. It was very tasty.

We also went ahead and bought a hand me down stroller for baby J. Mr Björklund thought that the best thing with it is that the handle is adjustable. So for the first time ever he can push a stroller comfortably. 
It is a Graco. We really like it.

I ended the day with going to the grocery store. Luckily there was a frozen yoghurt bar. So I went all out and bought one.
Frozen yoghurt, fresh strawberrys, fresh mulberrys, fresh mango,  a sprinkle each of polka pretzels and of white chocolate. Then some saus to top it off. A rare luxury.

No cloud on my sky today. I'm hoping for a cooler day tomorrow though. 😉

Hair and a special song

My husband always cuts my hair and he's really good at it to. Today I washed it and decided to take a photo of it. I never wear it out, but always in a brade. My kids has hardly seen it loose. 

So why do I always keep in braded, people often ask? Well, in the Old Testament women always covered their hair. I do that sometimes as well (not like a muslim though). But under the new covenant, I have had it explained to me by a rabby, long hair on a woman actually is sufficient compared to the vail. That means that we do not have to cover our hair anymore, unless we want to. 
So in that way I'm old fashioned and believe that women should have long hair. My daughters can choose for themselves though. So I don't empose my opinions on others.
This little hairproduct has made my life so very much easier. I put the hair oil in after washing my hair. I have really thick hair and a lot of it. This product actually protects the hair and makes it easier to brush. A friend gave me this tip and I have used the product ever since.

I saw the longest hair I've seen in a long while when we were downtown today. It was beautifully braded. I just had to take a picture of it. All of a sudden my hair doesn't seem so long after all...

We saw the anaesthesiologist today. The meeting went great. The birthing plan is basically to try to slow down the delivery, if possible, so that the baby won't end up with such severe injuries as baby J got. The doctor is the best in her field at our university hospital. I left her office feeling confident and braver then I have ever done. I trust her expertise!

Afterwords we went downtown for some datetime and thaifood. We had a great time together, mr Björklund and I. 

We also saw these cool chairs made of corke. We both really liked them. They can be bought at Household in Sweden.

Baby J is getting ready to climb into the car to go to granny and have some qualitytime with her. She looks so tiny next to our van.
Well, it has been a long, but good day. We also recieved the gift of three bikes for our kids. That is something we have been needing for a while. 
We also gave away a babybed to a family that needed it. "Paying it forward"... That is such a blessing.

My best today was when my extra dad called and left me a song on my answering mashine. My real dad used to sing to me all the time. I really treasure moments like that. 
I thank The Lord for everything that has happened today! He is my strength and the song in my heart, especially in the night.

A rainy day

Today has been a rainy day. Even so I went out on an errand with baby J. I bought these really nice candelabras from a lady in a Facebookgroup where you often find pricy things. So I actually only payed 100 Skr (~10$ ) for them.
I put a teacup on the table, so you can see how big they are. I love them!

Baby J was outside a while in the evening. She picked clover and enjoyed watching the rabbits. 

I made thaiifood tonight. I spiced it with coconut milk, fresh lime and chilli. It turned out great. I served it with rice. The family ate it all up, so I guess they enjoyed it. It is pork meet.

I wasn't as nausious today as yesterday, so I actually managed to fold all 12 mashines with laundry. Yey! And I also prepped and folded the clothdiapers for baby J. Feels good to have it out of the way.

I'm closing today with a picture of a bed that one of my sons, the future chef, says he would love to have. 😂
I wouldn't even try it...

Olive trees & Swahili

We stumbled over a sale at Ikea the other day. They sold olive trees for 100 Skr each (~10 $). I know my mother has always wanted one, so we bought one each for us. They looked a bit "sad" but now they look great, after a week with love and water.

I have always been fascinated by olive trees. Ever since Sunday school and all the story's about where Jesus went. These trees are mentioned so many times in the Bible. And now I have my own! I feel so blessed.

Today has been "one of those days".... I am midterm now, but the nausiness still torments me. Baby J and I have done all the laundry washing today. And then we played a lot and slept a couple of hours while the others were out. But I'm still nauseous. 
Why do they call it "morning sickness" when it lasts all day?! 😖
The text in the picture means "thank you Lord" and is Swahili. Despite of all - I always thank The Lord.

A little climber.

I was so tired today that I layed down for a nap and woke up 5 hours later. Baby J is having a lot of dreams during nighttime and wakes me up up to 5 times a night right now. So with the pregnancy 'n all, no wonder I'm tired.
My hubby cleaned the house for us today. I love these acts of love that he does. 🌹
In the middle of cleaning everything just went far to quiet... So my husband went looking for baby J. This is how we found her:

I have no idea how she did it, but she sure climbed up herself. So - now we have ourselves a climber 😯.
I ended up making food and also started the endless project of doing the laundry. The most fun of it is that I washed baby J's new diapers and tomorrow it's foaldingtime! 
Baby J accompanied me outside and helped out with cleansing some weeds and also giving the rabbits their food. She just loves being my little helper!

Baby J climbed a ladder for the first time today. She really worked hard on doing it right. 

Here is our new girl. She is a gotlandskanin (which is an old Swedish meat production race). She has a great temper and is very easy to handle. She will have a couple of months to adjust and then we'll mate her.

Baby J is watering herself and our male rabbits. 
My vegetarian food today turned out to be delicious. I made lentil soup with tomatoes, onion, spenach and garlic. I also squeezed in half a lemon. It turned out great!
I just love soup! The rest of the family had spaghetti and meat saus. One of their favourites.
I tried out another one of the clothes I got from my new friend. It feels like such a luxury to just recieve great quality, beautiful, female clothes. I have grown a bit tired of my own pregnancy clothes after wearing them for ten earlier pregnancies. 

Here it is. Today's outfit. I really loved it and it is so comfortable. 


For the first time in ages I had an hour to myself, late last night. The house was quiet and the rest of the gang was sleeping. 
I took the time to try out some new clothes that I got from a nice lady earlier in the day. I love blessings like that! One of the clothes was a beautiful purple dress, that I immediately fell in love with.

Then I realised that I actually haven't taken any pictures of "the bump" this pregnancy. So I took this picture of a magical moment where I was communicating silently with my unborn daughter. I felt her move around inside of me. Such a tender moment.

Here's another photo of the dress (and the bump if course).

I had a really bad day yesterday with nasiousness beyond belief. Because of the pregnancy (although I'm halfway through...) and the migraine I ended up having. The warm weather finally got to my brain. But a couple of hours of sleep, a cold shower and this beautiful bouquet of flowers made it all better by evening time. 
I ended the day (really late last night) with a nice glass of nonalcoholic wine sitting on my balcony.

Our adorable baby J with her strawberry outfit. She is so much fun to be with. I love watching her grow and learn.


Summertime and Japanese food.

The summer weather has so far been the worst in many years. It's cold, rainy and windy most days. I've only been without my jacket for a handful of days so far. It's baby J's first summer, so I had hoped for adventures in the sandbox, the discovery of how fresh grass tastes, watching ants work and so on. None of those activities has taken place so far. But hopefully there will be more chances before the end of the season.

Baby J on one of our summer walks.

I am spending a lot of my time improving our home. Planning and replanning, trying out new solutions. We have discovered a group of people in our city that gives away things for free. They have blessed us with a chair (perfect for nursing), a new bed, a couch, shoes for some of the children etc. I have started giving away things as well, through this group. What a blessing it is to "pay it forward"!

Generally I'm so very happy. Life is good. Of course there are things clouding even my day, but I have chosen to focus on the positive. And most of all, on our family and closest friends. My glass is never half empty, but half full.
One of the things clouding my day is the constant back pain. I still do everything around the house, like my choirs, taking care of the kids etc. But evidently constant pain makes me tired. But being a mother of seven (of whom one is soon to be one years old) and a grandmother, grants me rest much later in life and not at the moment.

Baby J "helping" me sort through our dvd collection.

My husband and me continues to go on dates once a week. Sometimes we eat nice, and other times we just take a long walk together. 
Yesterday we went to Stockholm to meet up with some dear friends. We also had lunch down town together, before heading back home. It was a rainy, but great day. We had fun together! And that is so very important to me, that we still (after so many years) can have so much fun. He makes me laugh.

We ended up having Japanese food yesterday.

Well, the baby is finally asleep again. She's teething so she sleeps restlessly. I too will get some sleep now. 


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