Baby N's birth story

A couple of weeks has passed since the last time I wrote. They have been spent in bliss and also worry. Let me tell you a little bit about what's been going on...

I was admitted to the hospital on the 19:th of November. It was planned that I would have a good nights sleep before the induction. And of course I couldn't sleep... My mind went crazy with a million thoughts and also nervous/happy expectations on meeting our daughter for the first time.
I have always given birth "naturally". I love natural childbirth & have always trusted my body to do a good job.
The problems came last time when the birth was so intense and fast that our baby got injured. Seriously and badly injured (se old posts).
So this time the doctors wanted to have me and the baby closely monitored and try to get the birth under control. That's why I was induced. The picture is the last one of me as pregnant.

I was rolled down around noon on the 20:th. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the lamps in the birthingsuite was PINK (my favourite colour). 
The anaesthesiologist came and I had a small nervous breakdown. To have an epidural (and a planned birth) was not something I had ever considered and the epidural scared me more then half to death. But I DID IT!!! 
With the help of awesome staff, my fantastic husband and some laughing gass I made it! I got an epidural. I got to keep it for three day after as well (Marcain/Sufenta) because of the terrible after pains. 

This picture was taken just before the doctor got started.

They actually had a pink  pulse oximeter (again, pink is my favourite colour)!
I was already open a couple of centimetres, so they just had to break the water. And the plan succeeded! They managed to get it under control and slow down the birth!
Did the epidural take away my pain? NO - not at all! I suffer from cronic pelvic pain, so I would have needed a much higher dose to have a good pain relief. But it did completely take away the pain in my pelvic. So for the first time in 18 years I WAS PAINFREE in my pelvic! Now THAT was incredible!!!! And worth everything!
Well, they slowed down the birth to two fantastic hours. (Last time it took only 15 minutes). And I tell you:
This was the best birth I have ever experienced! Wonderful (although very painful). I am so grateful to the fantastic doctors and our midwives (we had two because of the high risk birth). 
I can do this again!

The staff gave us a nice "fika" after she was born. We had to wait almost seven hours after, so they were certain I didn't bleed out. Then we were allowed up to maternity ward.

She was wonderful! Adorable! And healthy! Several paediatricians checked her out the next couple of days. 
She got jaundice, but no braindamage, no brainbleeds etc. We were SO excited and happy. 

My oldest son came to visit the hospital with some fresh baked spongecake. He had made it himself.

Miss J also came to visit us at the hospital and inspected her baby sister for the first time.
We stayed four days. Then we left for home. They took the catheter out of my back the day before we went home. 

This was her first ride home.

I was so overwhelmed with happiness to have my babygirl home and safe!

Just a couple of days after...
I had to pump and spoon feed her for more then a week (every second hour) while she recovered from her jaundice. That was hard work and I was exchausted! 
When that scare was over we discovered an abscess that was close to the vital structures of the neck, so she had minor surgery last week to remove it. Now she's finally healthy and well!

Then I got sick! I got a massive uterus infection and I'm now recovering with the help of several antibiotics. I am very tired but everything is going in the right direction. And I'm so happy that we live in a country that has acess to good health care and antibiotics. And the healthcare is free. 

So the summary of this experience is that she should have been born today (10:th of December) but has been with us since the 20:th of November.
This birth was the best I have ever experienced. I still recommend natural birth (after having gone through it so many times myself). But when that is no longer an option I recommend believing in your body and ability to give birth and work together with the doctors. 
A woman's body is amazing and can go through so much. 
I want to thank everybody that sent me prairs, positive energy, good thoughts and cheered for me. Thank you ever so much. I felt that I was carried up on your love. <3
This time we came home with a healthy baby and a live mother. It has been an amazing journey. And we love our little baby N extremely much. She is adorable!
Welcome to our family!

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