Timber art

Well, today we had a quite busy day. Miss J and I went to Ikea and prepared a surprise for mr Björklund. 
I bought two green frames and his favourite fabric (with a beautiful log print on). 
When we came home I started creating the masterpiece I had in mind. I love being creative! 

These are the results. You can see the fabric on the table in from of the frames. 
Mr Björklund was very happy. He loves trees and misses spending hours out in the forest. So this was the "perfect gift" since we live in a big city. They now hang next to his bed and he's very happy.

Miss J got sandwiches with turkey on this morning. This is how happy she was. She kept on smiling so wide all through breakfast, that the pieces almost fell out. 

My awesome mr Wonderful has begun buying me flowers almost every Friday. Tonight he brought me pink flowers. Miss J was super excited to smell them! 
Actually my dad always came home with flowers for my mom on Friday's, so the gesture means a lot to me!

Tonight I look to the future and rejoice because of the fact that we'll soon have two wonderful little girls. Then we have four boys and four girls. Now, that is just perfect! 
Maybe one of them will be like their big sister miss Ruth and love to dance? Miss J absolutely loves music now already! Whenever I put some on she starts making dance moves. 

Here's miss J at Ikea today, when we were shopping for daddy. She loved the lamps in the background.

Tonight I miss the Aurora lights and the magnificent ocean where we used to live. I am so happy for the time I spent there, the people I got to know and all the patients I cared for. I miss having the shore just outside my front door and the whales swimming by outside. 

I am happy here to, with my children and my mr Björklund. But some nights I feel the "pull of the ocean". 
God feels so close there! Nature is so wild and magnificent there and mankind so small. I'll always remember my home away from home!


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