Pink shoes

Today was the first time miss J ever wore a pair of shoes. It ended up being her pair of pink shoes. She was puzzled about it, but soon got the hang of taking them off a hundred times.
We spent most of the day indoors because of the pooring rain. But we went out for a couple of errands. First we went to meet a friend, miss Strand. She gave us a whole box of clothes for miss J. Of which some was very needed   winter clothes. What a great blessing!
Then we joined mr Björklund on his errand to a tool store, where he was buying some stuff for work. 

I happened to see some really nice work clothes for women there as well. Pink of course!

The sky was really dark and there were few minutes between the rains. So we had to hurry a bit.

The best thing today was to be able to give my son his birthday gift from miss Dyrøy. (His birthday was in January, but the store has been out of the product for a long time).  He finally got his workshoes. They are from Bluewear and we bought them at Jula. He is so happy!

As a chef he really needs good footwear! And preferably not to warm... 

School starts tomorrow for the five remaining kids. My oldest already started about 2 weeks ago. The rest of the bunch are off tomorrow for a new exciting year in school.

Here they are in this summers last  pillow fight. Have a great day tomorrow, all of you who also sent your kids off to school. 

I made fried rice with zuzzchini and chicken today. Miss J really liked her little tastes of it. She likes a bit of spices.

Here's my middle daughter in her new clothes. She loves school and she performes brilliantly.

I have faith and hope for tomorrow. I love every new day and I live it to the very fullest. 
I have been deadly ill and even recieved the last anointing. Nobody thought I would live. But The Lord saved me from the claws of death and I lived. I still do! 
Life is so different from how it used to be back then. The biggest difference is that I have found true happiness and that I make every day count. I love our life together. I am so grateful for the ones I have closest to me. And I would never ever go back to how it was. I changed my life. And so can You! No matter what the circumstances are. I have lived through a lot. But I'm still here and there are so many positive things in my life.
I have cut off the persons that has tried to destroy my life. People that has hurt me or hurt my kids. They no longer have insight in our lives. And I believe that is so very important. 

Your life is yours. You own it!
"Life is Gods gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God". 
I agree!


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