Five important steps

I have taken a part of the day to sort through some if my many books. I just recieved about 35 more, so I wanted to decide which ones to keep and what to give away. My shelves still have room for some more though ;)

I also spent some of the afternoon reading to miss J. She has some songbooks that she absolutely loves to read with me.

The rest if her day was spent with playing, napping and the biggest news in a long time: she walked 5 steps all by herself!!! 
We are SO proud if her. With every new thing she learnes, she's beating the odds! The doctors said that her serious birth injurys would turn her into a vegetable - and she is n o t! For this we thank The Lord! He's holding his hand over her and guiding her steps. And He is faithful.

I just love my cup of tea in the morning (pink china of course). My current favourite tea is lemon tea. It both smells and tastes so fresh.

I made waffles with whipped cream and jam tonight. It was a success. 
I also decided to sort through my kitchen cupboards. That turned out into me rearranging parts of my kitchen, but I like how it turned out.

Miss J and I watched her first episode of children's TV today. She was absolutely blown away by a show about a little ladybug saving a bee from being trapped in a honeyjar. 
I love being home with her and getting to experience all these special treasured moments.

Tomorrow is a more busy day, where I'm gonna both run some errands and go groceryshopping. I'm glad that my husband is so good at helping out with all the practical things. Being two about all the hussel makes it so much easier.

For the first time I saw an episode from the show 17 kids and counting from 2008 (now it's called 19 kids and counting). It blew my mind to juggle so many kids, being more or less constantly pregnant and/or breastfeeding and still look and act so "fresh" as the mother did. And all the kids has names that start with J!! 
And here I was worrying about "overdoing it" if we name the new baby with a name that also starts with J... But in our home it's not gonna be a trend. There is a name that we're thinking of for the baby... Well, I'll definitely watch that show again!

I ended my day by making myself a really nice glass of hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkled grained cinnamon. 


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