Finally autumn

It has been a chilly and rainy day today. Autumn is here. I absolutely love it! 
Miss J started the day with having milk and sandwiches for the first time. She liked it! 

We took a selfie before heading out to do some errands. 

I bought her some new rainclothes today. We also did some grocery shopping. It was good to hang out inside the mall while the rain was pooring down outside. 

Well, this is selfie nr 2 today. I'm wearing one of my favourite lipgloss from clinique and a donated orange striped top. Stripes are also something that I would never buy for myself. But the top is very comfortable. And I'm getting used to the stripes.

Here is a bump-picture at 26 weeks. It's my eleventh pregnancy. I have lost three of my kids. So far everything is going great this time. I'm going to the midwife in just a few days for an ordinary check up. I look forward to hearing her heartbeat again.

I had the great fortune to recieve this gift today. I have wanted to have one for the new baby, since miss J's going to need hers. It's sheep fur. So soft and very warm during the cold winter.

Here is one of my boys in the middle of a cool jump.

My youngest son was not far behind him. I love their energy!

The best snack today was this delicious cottage cheese, almond mix with fresh fruit (mango) and berries. Well, I'm happy when the cravings are for healthy things...

I'm closing today with this beautiful picture of some leaf art, that I found on the internet. 


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