Baking up a storm.

Autumn has really come now. It has been raining every day for a week and I love it!
I got a pink muffinmaker last week & I have really put it to work. 

So my kitchen is more pink then ever... 
I have baked lemon muffins:

Chocolate muffins, carrot muffins and blueberry muffins.
I love baking. It's therapeutic for me.
Miss J got a new autumn cap. She looks cute in it!

This weekend miss J's brothers had a dance party with her. They treat her like a real lady and have so much fun!

My pregnancy is progressing great. My back still really hurts, but other then that I find myself enjoying it a lot. My baby is quite lively and moves around a lot. She likes keeping me up half the night by kicking me, so I go to bed early to manage to get a couple of hours sleep every night. 

We had a girls shopping day this weekend and ended up in one of the malls. Here miss J got to try out a cute diadem. Prettiest butterfly I've seen all summer!

We had a great afternoon together (me, miss J and miss Ruth) while the boys were away doing some guy activities. They went climbing, biking, parcouring and more in an indoors arena down town.

Here is Manne.

Nathan is climbing the wall.

Gabbe is doing some parcour.
Their oldest brother was there to.

And mr Björklund, of course. Great family day for all of us.

I love autumn and look forward to the rest of it. 


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