Timber art

Well, today we had a quite busy day. Miss J and I went to Ikea and prepared a surprise for mr Björklund. 
I bought two green frames and his favourite fabric (with a beautiful log print on). 
When we came home I started creating the masterpiece I had in mind. I love being creative! 

These are the results. You can see the fabric on the table in from of the frames. 
Mr Björklund was very happy. He loves trees and misses spending hours out in the forest. So this was the "perfect gift" since we live in a big city. They now hang next to his bed and he's very happy.

Miss J got sandwiches with turkey on this morning. This is how happy she was. She kept on smiling so wide all through breakfast, that the pieces almost fell out. 

My awesome mr Wonderful has begun buying me flowers almost every Friday. Tonight he brought me pink flowers. Miss J was super excited to smell them! 
Actually my dad always came home with flowers for my mom on Friday's, so the gesture means a lot to me!

Tonight I look to the future and rejoice because of the fact that we'll soon have two wonderful little girls. Then we have four boys and four girls. Now, that is just perfect! 
Maybe one of them will be like their big sister miss Ruth and love to dance? Miss J absolutely loves music now already! Whenever I put some on she starts making dance moves. 

Here's miss J at Ikea today, when we were shopping for daddy. She loved the lamps in the background.

Tonight I miss the Aurora lights and the magnificent ocean where we used to live. I am so happy for the time I spent there, the people I got to know and all the patients I cared for. I miss having the shore just outside my front door and the whales swimming by outside. 

I am happy here to, with my children and my mr Björklund. But some nights I feel the "pull of the ocean". 
God feels so close there! Nature is so wild and magnificent there and mankind so small. I'll always remember my home away from home!

Five important steps

I have taken a part of the day to sort through some if my many books. I just recieved about 35 more, so I wanted to decide which ones to keep and what to give away. My shelves still have room for some more though ;)

I also spent some of the afternoon reading to miss J. She has some songbooks that she absolutely loves to read with me.

The rest if her day was spent with playing, napping and the biggest news in a long time: she walked 5 steps all by herself!!! 
We are SO proud if her. With every new thing she learnes, she's beating the odds! The doctors said that her serious birth injurys would turn her into a vegetable - and she is n o t! For this we thank The Lord! He's holding his hand over her and guiding her steps. And He is faithful.

I just love my cup of tea in the morning (pink china of course). My current favourite tea is lemon tea. It both smells and tastes so fresh.

I made waffles with whipped cream and jam tonight. It was a success. 
I also decided to sort through my kitchen cupboards. That turned out into me rearranging parts of my kitchen, but I like how it turned out.

Miss J and I watched her first episode of children's TV today. She was absolutely blown away by a show about a little ladybug saving a bee from being trapped in a honeyjar. 
I love being home with her and getting to experience all these special treasured moments.

Tomorrow is a more busy day, where I'm gonna both run some errands and go groceryshopping. I'm glad that my husband is so good at helping out with all the practical things. Being two about all the hussel makes it so much easier.

For the first time I saw an episode from the show 17 kids and counting from 2008 (now it's called 19 kids and counting). It blew my mind to juggle so many kids, being more or less constantly pregnant and/or breastfeeding and still look and act so "fresh" as the mother did. And all the kids has names that start with J!! 
And here I was worrying about "overdoing it" if we name the new baby with a name that also starts with J... But in our home it's not gonna be a trend. There is a name that we're thinking of for the baby... Well, I'll definitely watch that show again!

I ended my day by making myself a really nice glass of hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkled grained cinnamon. 

Baking up a storm.

Autumn has really come now. It has been raining every day for a week and I love it!
I got a pink muffinmaker last week & I have really put it to work. 

So my kitchen is more pink then ever... 
I have baked lemon muffins:

Chocolate muffins, carrot muffins and blueberry muffins.
I love baking. It's therapeutic for me.
Miss J got a new autumn cap. She looks cute in it!

This weekend miss J's brothers had a dance party with her. They treat her like a real lady and have so much fun!

My pregnancy is progressing great. My back still really hurts, but other then that I find myself enjoying it a lot. My baby is quite lively and moves around a lot. She likes keeping me up half the night by kicking me, so I go to bed early to manage to get a couple of hours sleep every night. 

We had a girls shopping day this weekend and ended up in one of the malls. Here miss J got to try out a cute diadem. Prettiest butterfly I've seen all summer!

We had a great afternoon together (me, miss J and miss Ruth) while the boys were away doing some guy activities. They went climbing, biking, parcouring and more in an indoors arena down town.

Here is Manne.

Nathan is climbing the wall.

Gabbe is doing some parcour.
Their oldest brother was there to.

And mr Björklund, of course. Great family day for all of us.

I love autumn and look forward to the rest of it. 

Pink shoes

Today was the first time miss J ever wore a pair of shoes. It ended up being her pair of pink shoes. She was puzzled about it, but soon got the hang of taking them off a hundred times.
We spent most of the day indoors because of the pooring rain. But we went out for a couple of errands. First we went to meet a friend, miss Strand. She gave us a whole box of clothes for miss J. Of which some was very needed   winter clothes. What a great blessing!
Then we joined mr Björklund on his errand to a tool store, where he was buying some stuff for work. 

I happened to see some really nice work clothes for women there as well. Pink of course!

The sky was really dark and there were few minutes between the rains. So we had to hurry a bit.

The best thing today was to be able to give my son his birthday gift from miss Dyrøy. (His birthday was in January, but the store has been out of the product for a long time).  He finally got his workshoes. They are from Bluewear and we bought them at Jula. He is so happy!

As a chef he really needs good footwear! And preferably not to warm... 

School starts tomorrow for the five remaining kids. My oldest already started about 2 weeks ago. The rest of the bunch are off tomorrow for a new exciting year in school.

Here they are in this summers last  pillow fight. Have a great day tomorrow, all of you who also sent your kids off to school. 

I made fried rice with zuzzchini and chicken today. Miss J really liked her little tastes of it. She likes a bit of spices.

Here's my middle daughter in her new clothes. She loves school and she performes brilliantly.

I have faith and hope for tomorrow. I love every new day and I live it to the very fullest. 
I have been deadly ill and even recieved the last anointing. Nobody thought I would live. But The Lord saved me from the claws of death and I lived. I still do! 
Life is so different from how it used to be back then. The biggest difference is that I have found true happiness and that I make every day count. I love our life together. I am so grateful for the ones I have closest to me. And I would never ever go back to how it was. I changed my life. And so can You! No matter what the circumstances are. I have lived through a lot. But I'm still here and there are so many positive things in my life.
I have cut off the persons that has tried to destroy my life. People that has hurt me or hurt my kids. They no longer have insight in our lives. And I believe that is so very important. 

Your life is yours. You own it!
"Life is Gods gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God". 
I agree!

Finally autumn

It has been a chilly and rainy day today. Autumn is here. I absolutely love it! 
Miss J started the day with having milk and sandwiches for the first time. She liked it! 

We took a selfie before heading out to do some errands. 

I bought her some new rainclothes today. We also did some grocery shopping. It was good to hang out inside the mall while the rain was pooring down outside. 

Well, this is selfie nr 2 today. I'm wearing one of my favourite lipgloss from clinique and a donated orange striped top. Stripes are also something that I would never buy for myself. But the top is very comfortable. And I'm getting used to the stripes.

Here is a bump-picture at 26 weeks. It's my eleventh pregnancy. I have lost three of my kids. So far everything is going great this time. I'm going to the midwife in just a few days for an ordinary check up. I look forward to hearing her heartbeat again.

I had the great fortune to recieve this gift today. I have wanted to have one for the new baby, since miss J's going to need hers. It's sheep fur. So soft and very warm during the cold winter.

Here is one of my boys in the middle of a cool jump.

My youngest son was not far behind him. I love their energy!

The best snack today was this delicious cottage cheese, almond mix with fresh fruit (mango) and berries. Well, I'm happy when the cravings are for healthy things...

I'm closing today with this beautiful picture of some leaf art, that I found on the internet. 

Well, even God rested in the seventh day...

It's been a while since I updated. But life has kept me very busy. 

We recieved a new beautiful piece of furniture for our living room. I love the colour of it. 

Miss J got her very first own rose. Her father have it to her, after a rough day for her.

She has learned how to smell flowers now. And amazingly enough, a week later it still stands and the smell is more beautiful then ever.

She likes to dress like her mama. So when I wear my shades, so does she! Patriotic in her Swedish coloured (yellow/blue) shades.

I got a gift the other day. It was a large stack of cookbooks. I love baking and cooking for my family. And I have already found some new favourite recipies. One of them is for rabbit stew (which I haven't tried yet).

The pregnancy is going great this time and is amazingly enough one of the best ones I have ever had! Even though it's my eleventh! 
I guess being very happy helps a great deal in how I perceive being pregnant. Being catholic is to recieve the children God gives us (which can feel a bit scary sometimes - I mean, how many are we going to end up having?). But together with mr Björklund I know that everything is well with us. No matter what life throws at us or what ever God wants us to do. The Lord is my strength and my joy. I trust Him with everything in my life!
I have some serious back pain, but other then that I just enjoy te pregnancy tremendously. Some activities has to be cut to a minimum, like travelling. But I can live my life normally except for that. I am so very much looking forward to meeting our new daughter. 
Here I'm wearing a top I recieved from a lady the other day. It's very comfortable. And it's the first peace of clothing I have ever worn with dots on.

Here are my awesome sons. I am so proud of them! They are the crown of my life. I thank The Lord for them every day. 

And here are two of my girls! My jewels.

And here is my oldest daughter with miss J & my youngest grandson baby S (Team baby) in her arms. I am so proud of you girl! I believe in you. You are a lionesse.

Here we are (some of us) at our favourite Asian restaurant last week, celebrating mine and miss J's birthday.
It is such a blessing to have a large family. And to share it with such a faithful, loving and kind man as my mr Björklund. 

And also to be blessed with two amazing grandsons. You boys are so precious to me! I am so happy to be your grandma.

I think about the children I've lost and buried. They will always be a part of me, of who I am. And I know that I will meet them again some day. But I focus on the living. They are my responsibility, my happiness and my joy.

Yes, it is good to be alive!

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