In memorian

In memorian: Today it's been 19 years since the Estline ferry the Baltic M/S Estonia sank on the way from Tallin to Stockholm. 852 people died and among them were some of my friends. They were in the bibleschoolclass on board the ship. I remember You and I will always love You! 

First... There was coffe!

The baby kept me up a lot last night, so I feel quite sleepdeprivated today. I am having a last sip of coffe before running to the store for some last minute errands before the birthdayparty for my two sons kick off!
Here is a picture taken this morning.
Most of all I need a BIG cup of coffe, preferably from Tim Hortons ^^.

Some portraits of a family

Here are some fun photos taken today.
First there is one of me.
And then there is me, baby J and Skalman.
This morning me and baby J had some girltime together where she tried out some of her new dresses. Today it was a purple manchester one.
And she also had fun playtime talking to her lamb and her pink seal... Adorable actally!
Later in the evening Skalman made "sailors comfortpot". He made terrific food and I am so proud he attends chefschool!

Beloved daughter!

My oldest daughter has been in an accident. Please pray for her & send all the positiva thaughts you can gor her and her unborn baby.
Min älskade dotter har varit i en olycka. Hon vårdas på sjukhus. Rebecca Hoseia och babyn behöver alla positiva tankar och förböner ni kan ge just nu! Kära dotter, du är min stolthet och mitt allt. Du klarar det här också! Jag älskar dig. Önskar jag kunde vara där! 

A frosty day.

Beautiful rose growing on the wall of the doctors office today. Last night the frost came for the first time this year, but this beautiful rose still stands strong.
Then we actually chose to make this months restaurantvisit to our favorite japanese restaurant. They make the best sushi in town. We call it tlc-time (tender love and care). We try to go out once a month. Today was wonderful! It's good to get something else to focus on and think about. A moment in a bubble...
And here is her oldest brother taking care of her (and playing x-box at the same time). A multitasking man! And baby J loves it.

Baby shoes

Baby J in her awesome homecrocheted shoes! Her grandmother made one pair for baby J and another (green) pair for her second great grand child. We got them on our joyned babyshower, because me & my daughter were pregnant at the same time. That was awesome! I love these cool shoes! 


I love growing fresh spices. Here is a laurelplant I baught for my mother at the start of the summer. In the can is dried leaves. We often use them in soup, stews and dishes with pees. The taste is really nice. 

As I am

This is a selfie taken a week ago.
And here I am with little baby J in the ergo. We went for a walk on the last warm summer evening about 9 days ago.
Baby J looking at her daddy, who took the picture.
Skalman, her oldest brother talks to baby J and she really smile and talk back to him.

A new bike & a happy young man

Today my oldest son got his very own brand new bike. I haven't seen him so happy in a long time. Going to the store and picking it out was a joyful celebration and something he's dreamt of for several years. A huge THANK YOU to miss Dyrøy for giving it to him! You have fulfilled a dream!

Being a pink lady

My girl gave me money on my birthday in July. I hhave carried them around in my purse for months, waiting to find the things I really wanted to buy. The first thing I baught was a wookpan. I have needed a new one for many years.
And today I found theese appliances. So now my kitchen has more pink to match my pink china and my pink coffecups.
I love it! Thank you miss Dyroy! For sponsoring thhe pinkification of my life.
And three weeks ago one of my daughters gave mme some pink nailpolish as well.
So today, I´m a happy pink lady!


My boys are turning 13 & 10 years old today. I am so proud if you. I love you so much!!! Have an awesome new year!

Newest family photo

This is my beautiful family with all my children and my grandson! I love them so much. They are my everything - my whole world!

Even God himself rested on the seventh day!

It's been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. Most important is that we have been blessed with an adorable baby girl! We call her baby J.
We are so very happy!

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