We're having a crafts studio in my kitchen. Making prints on fabric. I love the Holiday season and all the opportunity's it gives to spend precious time together, to bless others and to give away precious memories. I pray that the recipients of these gifts shall be blessed by all the love we've put in to making them. 

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. I love each and every one of my children and grandchildren. They make me so proud and they are, except for my faith, my reason for living. My joy, my love and my happiness.


I got a letter with the mail today. I am now, officially, a Finish citizen again! My parents changed my citizenship to a Swedish one when I was young. And through hard work and a lot of prayers I now have both. 

Here is part of a translation of the Finish national anthem (Finish to English).

And here I am - at the Finish embassy in Stockholm and then at home in my kitchen.

I give all the glory to God for this and I am so very proud to be a fin again!


This beautiful cutie just woke me up. She has a great morningmood. I love waking up to her happy chatter.

I love the precious mornings with her. Well, sometimes they start really early... But planning my day with her is inspiring and fun.
For example: today it's -4 degrees outside. She has never felt temperatures below zero before. So today gets to be one of those precious first times of doing something. 
So I'm gonna clothe her according to the weather and then take a stroll outside. I think she's gonna like it though, 'cause she's like me... She doesn't like it too warm!
Now I'm only waiting for the snow and I sure hope it comes soon. We're at the end of November so it's about time. 
I really look forward to showing baby J a white world.

Team Bjorklund having a moment together before getting the day started.


This afternoon we went to grandma. Baby J loves her beutiful blanket on the couch. Baby J decided to tell her granny a story. I think she is so increadibly cute. 
Maby she's telling a story about heaven? That wouldn't surprise me, looking into her innocent beautiful eyes.
Sometimes when I watch a baby I wonder about that... How much do they know that we don't? What did they see just before they were born? Sometimes it seems like they have this great ancient wisdom in their eyes.

Like this increadible picture of my newest grandson, born 9 weeks too early. Baby S. Look at the expression in his eyes!
Well, in heaven we'll get all our answers. Until then I will continue being amazed at God's greatness and the mystery of faith.


Always have a positive attitude. Family is everything. 💕💕💕💕 💕💕💕💕💕

Dalahorses - a homeknitted masterpiece.

Baby J is looking really good in the new handmade knitted dress that her grandmother made for her. I just love the pattern with the dalahorses.
It is such a luxury to be given a gift like this. Imagine all the hours spent in knitting it and all the love and money invested in it! I just love it! My mother mrs B rocks! ✨✨✨✨

You are important to me.

I miss you always when you're not here with me. But I carry you with me in my heart. 
Where ever we are in the world - we always see the same moon. Remember that! 
I love you!

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