More pictures and then about today.

More of the fantastic children´s food!
And here is something else that I really want. (Pic borrowed from justgirlythings).
My husband came home today singing and he has been humming ever since. I wonder what he is so very happy and pleased about? Maby it´s just one of the many joys of pregnancy? Most likely it´s only sleepdeprivation...
Tonight we are going to watch a movie. Eat some chips and popcorn (it´s been ages since last time) and enjoy a quiet evening together.  I love evenings like this! And the best thing is that we both can sleep in tomorrow. No school, travels or work. I look forward to a lazy morning...
Have a great Friday evening!

Kid´s food

Found a great picture of childrens food. Looks really yummy!

From another view...

I found a great picture that I just have to share here. I wish I had seen it during anatomyclass in nursing school 15 years ago...

The tickts has arrived ^^

Yey! My tickets came today. Now the trip is really happening. In two weeks I fly out and spend a week with one of my favorite people in the world. I have already prepared the gifts for the people I am going to meet. I am soo happy to be going!
Airplanes, Silhouettes

I want one too!

I just found a picture of something I would love to have. Unealistic - yes - but a girl can dream!
Spending relaxing time in the bathtub, without having to fight for room to have the feat and together with candles,  classical music, a good book and a person I love is something of the best I know. Well, right now I don´t have a bathtub like this, no candles and I miss my honey - so I will just keep the dream alive.

Some more thoughts for today.

Photo: Dear God: Thank you for another chance!
Past, present and future...
Photo: Share the Wisdom ---------------->>>> Words of Wisdom   

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Worth of great things.
Photo: Friends, please visit our page and feel free to become a part our meaningful and inspirational community ♥  In Loving Memory ♥ 

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Beautiful child and wise words.
Photo: Friends, please visit our page and feel free to become a part our meaningful and inspirational community ♥ Words To Inspire the Soul♥

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My time to shine...
Photo: Pancakes anyone? Lol
Pancakes - nursing style!

It´s been a while.

I have needed some time to think about the big changes in my life. So much sadness and pain has been mixed with the genuine happiness we share together, my family and me. The holidays passed by quickly and today is the first day of "normal life". My husband is off to school and work. I am at home resting.
My main acivity this year - 2013 - has been to read and I have already read several books with > 200 pages in. I will tell u about the later.
My daughter has a new blogg that I strongly recommend:
By the way: I have borrowed a picture that I found of one of my cravings. 
And YES, I am pregnant. We are expecting our baby in July and we are very happy. The pregnancy was a complete surprise for us! The pregnancy is going very well, but with some serious complications. So I am home and not allowed to work. The doctors are monitoring me well. But our happiness over this child and the bright future that lies ahead of us is all that matters. God is with us! And all the older children, the siblings, are so happy.
Photo: Relationships are like a book
It takes a few seconds to burn
But It takes years to write
So write it carefully & never let it Burn. . . . .

cool fahad
In two weeks I am going to visit one of the most special ladies in my life, miss Dyroy. I am soo much looking forward to that! I will stay with here, eat great food, look at the spectacular view and be at peace with my self and my world.
But ta da 4 now!

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