Last Sunday this year.

We survived Christmas! The festivities was  great and we spent it together with my oldest daughter Rebecca & her kids in the south of Sweden. The snow was absent, but we had a lovely time. Food was great!
She had prepared a traditional Swedish Christmastable with all the common dishes. We all really enjoyed it.

Rebecca had also made ginger cookies with our names on (I love personalised stuff like that).

One of the best things was that Team Baby got together again. And it was easy to see that they'd really missed each other! 

Baby J was beautiful in both her outfits for the evening. I love the way she feels pretty and holds up her skirt! 

Later in the evening we changed to a dress that my mother sew 20 years ago.

One of the most fun things with Christmas was to play with all the beautiful ribbons!

Big sister gave baby J a bookworm from giant microbes. I thought it was hilariously  cute. And I also see a resemblance between the two ^^. 😂

Baby J and her nephew Raffa sat on Santa's leg together. He actually didn't suspect that Santa this year was played by his mom.

My daughter's neighbour came up with a very special gift. It was Hungarian home made ginger cookie liquor. I tasted a sip and it was really nice! I love the presentation! 

My husband was very happy to see that baby J got some books as well. This particular gift was a fun songbook about a hunter.

I really tried hard to her a good pic of myself in my Christmas clothes, but my two present teenagers kept putting their fingers in between... 

Sneaking of to the kitchen I finally managed to take a nice one. The necklace was a gift from my grandson Raffa in the morning. I love it!

Here is my husband and me together in a pic (baby free)!

Skalman was also present and Team baby absolutely loved hanging out in his lap. Preferably both at the same time!

Here are two of my favourite gifts this Christmas. First out is the artificial snow that my husband made for me. He knows how much I love snow and how disappointed I was that we had a green Christmas this year!

The second one came from my oldest daughter (who knows me VERY well) and that was coasters. But not just any ordinary ones, but from one of my favourite series Dexter! A box with his bloodslides 😍. I LOVE it!

This is me and Rebecca goofing around trying to get ready with the make up.

And here I am with a fabric Lucia crown that actually baby J got from a friend. I've just never been elected Lucia, so I wanted to try it out!

After an intense couple of days following Christmas, where baby J got really ill and had high fever we drove back home this Friday. The trip normally takes 4,5 hours, but ended up taking nine!!! hours. 

Luckily there was a gas station close by where baby J and I could stay warm while my husband and grandma crawled around outside in the dark changing the broken tire.

Baby J was happy to be reunited with her dad later on.
I love this new bonnet that she got from a nice lady just before Christmas!

Now we've been home a couple of days. We were supposed to drive up north yesterday, but had to pros pone that 'til Monday. During this weekend my husband has helped me cut and colour my hair.

Here is the before and after picture:

I love how it turned out and I feel beautiful!

Baby J is happy to be home for a couple of days!

She's playing with her favourite toys on the floor.

So the last Sunday is spent in peace and quite at home with a nice cup of coffee and some saffron biscuits - contemplating over the past year and all the overcome hardships. Twisting and turning the things that need my immediate attention before the end of the year.

I wrapped myself in my favourite Norwegian reindeer skin before snuggling up with my coffee. 

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So here I am. It's again in the middle of the night and the rest of the house is sleeping. For the last two hours I've been:

Preparing for Christmas by making meatballs for my meat loving family. They turned out delicious! It's quite amazing how well I've learned to prepare all kinds of meat, especially wild meat. Since I've been a vegetarian or vegan all my life, with the exception of three years when I was on Warfarin and h a d to eat meat and fish. Well, I married a hunter... If I would choose to reeducate myself I would actually choose to become a chef! I love cooking. 

This is a recipe that I got from an old lady, who is dead now. But she always made these kind of meatballs for Christmas.

Earlier today I was trying out different lipsticks, trying to make up my mind which  one that'll be my new day to day lipstick. I usually wear only lipgloss.  

We also went by the store today and I picked up some groceries for me as well. I am really looking forward to trying out these soysteaks etc since I prefer vegetarian or vegan food for myself. This is a brand that's new to me, so I'm a bit excited!

Yesterday we finally finished baking all the gingercookies. I didn't count every single one of them but I appreciate it to be around 300 cookies. It actually took us two days to make them.

I want to finish my blogging today with this great picture of me and my oldest son. He's living his dream and studying to become a chef right now. This picture is taken the other week when me, baby J, Kotten and baby S went to his school on an open Saturday invitation. I think he looks gorgeous in his work clothes. I'm so very proud of him - chef Skalman!

Now I'm heading to bed and I'll dream of this place in northern Norway where we used to live! This pic is taken just outside our old house by my former neighbour miss N.  


I discovered today that there is a problem with seeing my pictures here. Click on the picture! Then you'll be able to see the whole picture.
I'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Problem med bilderna på bloggen. Jag har förstått att det inte går att se hela bilderna på dator. Klicka på själva bilden, så kommer hela upp!
Jag ska fixa så fort jag kan . Tack och förlåt för besväret.

Thank's and sorry for the inconvenience. 

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