A package arrived

We got a package by air mail today. The contents was absolutely awesome and it really ment the world to me/us. My son opened it and there were several exclamations of happiness while reveling it´s contents. One of the most tresured things in the package was a post-card from miss Dyroy, who means the world to me. There was also a beautiful photo in a frame of the Nordic Lights.
Skalman is about to reveal the secrets of the package...
Homeknitted socks, coco, several different kinds of tea, a pink (I love it) t-shirt, two records, a movie and broth.
The treasures and blessings of this package are going to last for a long time.
I sencerely thank you, wonderful miss Doroy, for sending these riches to us. All or love to you!

Beloved kids!

I think of you every morning.
I think of you every night.
You are always in my heart.
I love you!

Wise words.

"We hear a lot today about wives submitting to their husbands, as though that is all there is to it. But let me tell you, friend, that can only happen when it is coupled with the husband’s love. Therefore, Paul is pointing to the ideal. And whether we ever reach its fullness or not, we have something to strive for that is worth everything. That means the marriage is a success!"

Oral Roberts

Birthday celebrations

To my darling mother Mrs Björklund today.
I love you!


I participated in a huge gospelconcert with 160 singers. Our performance was on Saturday and the dresscode for the choir was black, purple and/or gold. A lot of people came and it was absolutely grate!
And this was my outfit for the evening.
The evening ended with going to the movies together with one of my best friends. We saw the movie about Margareth Thatcher, The iron lady. I thought both the movie and the company was really nice.
It was a truly great day.

Birthday celebrations

On Sunday (yesterday) we celebrated both mr Engström and my mother mrs Björklund (who has her birthday tomorrow). We went to church first and our celebration started after that. We spent the whole afternoon and evening with games, lots of music, laughter and cake.
Here is the cake my mother had prepared.
A game of chinese checkers is a must! Skalman prepared to make his move.
And I was there as well.
We had a great evening together. I love my familly, although I always miss the ones that are not present.


To my darling sisters son Josiah and mr Engström today!

Never ever forget...

We all know that life wasn´t ment to be easy. But despite how rough my days become, I always have Mr AG and he always has me. We share so much in life together, laughing at corny jokes, making leaf angels, driving long carrides together and eating a cheeseburger at Mc Donalds,  for goodness sake.
He loves me even when I don't love myself. He laughes with me when I laugh and he kisses me when I cry. He makes wonderful food to eat and knows a million things about the forest, hunting and wild life. I love listening to him when he tells me storys about the woods, tecnique or anything else that is on his mind.

He is the best!

Spending time with the kids!

Spending time with my wonderful children!
I love you all so much!

My cousin and a dear friend.

It has been many ears since I last saw my cousin. Life has led us in different directions and it was absolutely great to have time together again. We talked about missionswork, hopes and dreams of the future and fun things we did together growing up. He has turned in to a man that I admire and feel privaliged to spend time with. I know he will impact many people in his surroundings. I love you Glenn! Stay strong and believe that God is with you!
Me and Glenn
We also had one of my closest friends visiting us the same night. He is my extra dad and my mentor. We love him and his familly so much. Pastor Rory Kaye.
Before we separated to travel to different countys, not knowing when to meet again, two of the men made a little joke with me. We were supposed to take pictures together all of us and I am fearly shirt. So the med grabbed me by the shoulders and took me up on their hight. I can still remember the tingling feeling of surprise as I went up three decimeter in the air. I love u guys!
Rory, me and Glenn.
Please pray with us for pastor Kaye who is in a developmentcountry preaching to the masses for the next week. Also pray for his family back in Sweden. I am so thankful for the inspiration they are in peoples lives! Their work bears fruit!

Ugali na kuku

I promised to show you my favorite food ian here it is. The national dish of Tanzania, Ugali na kuku wich means ugali with ckicken.
We eat the food with our hands, just live we do in Africa.
And this night, God r e a l l y  blessed the food to our bodys.
The prairs that rose to heaven that night was both in Swedish, Swahili and Hebrew.

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