Same - but different

The pictures are taken on the way to a party about 10 months ago. We had a nice time there.
Well, what I really was thinking about today was how much everything has changed over the last years. Being back in Sweden is very different and I still haven´t really decided what to think about it. I miss both Africa with the hot sun, wild beasts and wonderful people - but I also miss the Arctic with the cold winds, the wild ocean and nordic lights. My soul is a bit torn apart.
I love being in Sweden with my kids, my precious mr Björklund and my mother. We have now been back in Sweden  a year. It sure has been a tough and overwhelming year. But also one of the happiest ones in our lives. I love my new job and my son has friends here. Mr Björklund is happy and enjoying life. But very much looking for work...
The thing is that I have established something about myself now. I have been travelling and living in other countries half my life. The last 3 years has been a journey to hell and back. As I walk around on the streets of Uppsala and live in our old house, I think to myself:
"Same friends, same house, same body... But my soul has changed!"

I am not the same anymore.
But I am so very happy with mr Björklund and my best girlfriend miss Dyroy, who also always is there for me with a listening ear (although it´s over the phone or skype) and encouraging words for all of my family. Spending time with the kids and my mom is so precious! Seing friends again and being able to play scrabble together an evening is luxery.
Still - my soul has changed. I have changed. I will never be the same again.
I will be me!

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