Grattis till min prinsessa Ruth!

Grattis till min fantastiska prinsessa idag!
Congratulation to my wonderful princess Ruth today!
Me and Ruth april 2012.
Vackraste Ruth i hela världen!
The most beautiful Ruth in the world!
Jag älskar dig!
I love you!
Kram, mamma

Some thoughts in the night...

I am sitting here, alone in the night, thinking of my loved ones far away. My four fantastic younger kids, who I got to spend precious time with, before my journey. My oldest daughter and her family, Gustav and my grandson Rafael. I am so proud of her and them!
But also my mr Björklund and my presious son Skalman. Mr Björklund has taken on the role of single parent. He cares for the house, my teenager and our dogs while I am away. We skype as often as we can (thank God for skype) - so in a way we can still se each other. And we can share news about family and life every day.
No matter what we face, he cares for me. No matter if it is ups or downs. That is what defines him. Love, care and endless moments of sharing the same sky. I am so blessed to have the faithful support and love from mr Björklund.

I also have other friends, familly and loved ones who care enough to text me, pray for us or just wright a few words in an email every day or each week. No matter how I feel or where we are! We are so blessed. I am so blessed. So, my heart goes out to you. Those short words that you wright means the world to me. It can brighten a whole day. So tonights thaughts are for you as well. And I thank you!

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