Finding a job

I went to an interview yesterday. It was interesting. I study 100% at the university, but I still need to find a job to get the economy going. The job I interviewed was a night job, so that would work out! But I also sent some applications to other places, out of the country. So we´ll see what happens.

Today I am tired and have a headache. The pace in school is really high and some days it feels like we don´t even have lives outside of the books. But lurning is fun and I love the challange of lurning a new trade.

This weekend me and my son is driving up to S-vall to spent time with the younger kids for two days. That is going to be very nice. I really miss them. And then tomorrow Skalman is moving back home, after having lived in Stockholm with his dad for a while. It´s going to be good to have him back home. So, welcome back my son!

Now I´m going to wrap some gifts for the two sons who had their birthday this week. So, party this weekend!!!


Cats - lots of cats...

I am now sitting in a car blogging... This morning the truck with my stuff finally arrived and we unloaded that in to a barn at some friends house. A huge thank you guys for lending me the space!!!!

Then something else happend. My daughter has asked for months to get her cats from their fosterfamilly in Norway. It has been hard to solve, because we usually don´t travel to that area very often. But yesterday I was contacted by a friend who offered to bring the two cats back with him, since he was in the area. I was happy to accept his very kind offer and planned to start driving down to the south of Sweden with the cats as soon as we were done with the lifting and moving.
I called ahead and gave "heads up" to her boyfriend, but asked him not to say anything to her. I knew she would be very happy and that the surprise would be awesome.

Well, the car with the cats arrived at 5 pm today and you can guess how surprised I was! There were not two cats - but nine!!! Her cats had gotten kittens and the hoastfamilly had, of course, packed and sent all her cats. Whoa! We loaded them into our car, shoke our heads wondering how to solve this, and started driving south.
None of the involved had reveiled any of the surprise to Rebecca (Kotten) and she had actually gone to bed already when we arrived in Habo at 1.20 am. So I called her and asked her to come down. A very newly awakened daughter stood at the door of her house and we yelled "surprise!!!"
Then we told her that we had brought one more surprise for her. We led her to the car and she opened up the back door. 9 pairs of yellow eyes looked back at her. At first she just yelled "Oh, my daaaaarlings!!!" and then she seamed to realise something was wrong with the picture in front of her. "But... there are so many of them!!!!" she said.
I explained to her what had happened and that there really was nothing else I could do than bring her cats to her. I do not even have an apartment yet, so I couldn´t  take care of them or solve it in any other way.
So we carried up all the cats to her apartment, where her poor boyfriend woke up and thought he was "seeing things" or dreaming. Then we just turned the car and started our long journey back to Uppsala, where school starts at 9 am this morning.
Puh- what a weekend and what a chock!

ANYBODY WHO WANTS A KITTEN?! Then please contact Rebecca  (

Te amo mi amor!

Love is such a powerful feeling.
Wether it´s a parent, a friend, a child or a spouse/partner  the feeling can be absolutely overwhelming. Lifechanging, consuming, altering and some times even... totally heartbraking. I am so happy to love! Intoxicating, challenging and also a bit scary. But I would never chose to be without it.
Te amo mi amor!

A weekend in the car.

So I am finally home after driving 2000 kilometers with my car. It was a good but very tiering journey and I hope that I don´t have to do it again soon.
Tomorrow morning I am supposed to be done with a test in maths, but I simply did not have time to do it during the weekend. Well, while I was driving I took the chance to buy some dried raindeermeet in Jokkmokk. I love Jokkmokk. And I just love the northern parts of Sweden.
Well, I am going to rest for a little while now. With rest I meen some serius sleeping ^^ Early start tomorrow.
Sometime during next week the truck with my stuff will arrive. Yey! A huge thank you to Renate who has helped out with lots of stuff and to Mzee who co-drove with me.
I just read my daughters blogg and I must say that I am very proud of her! Go Kotten, go!

Raffa posing for the picture

Skalman @ the airport 11 days ago. Note the pillow ^^

Kotten goes Kotte at chinese restaurant July -11

Rain and blisters

It has been raining since I came to Sweden. My feet has been wet all the time because of all the holes in my old shoes. Those were the only ones I had, so the choise was easy... Finally I descovered, a couple of days ago, that I had gotten blisters and wounds from all the walking in the wet shoes. I hurt!
Yesterday a miracle happend! Someone saw the state my old shoes was in and told me:
"I want to give you a new pair of shoes!"
So we went to the store.
I tried these on and it was love at first sight... Feels like walking on air! And they are dry!
Thank You for my miracle!

My miracle! New shoes!

@ university again...

It is very intense to be back here. We have lessons between 9 am - 5 pm almost every day. Then after that you have to study too keep up with the lessons for the next day. It is very interesting and I love it!

Being back in my old turf is both nice but also very different. I still know a lot of peole here and I enjoy being in a city that I love. Mentally I have still not really landed, but in a week or so I will have figured out the swedish system again. Nice...
I met some friends yesterday and that was really nice. We sat at a coffe and talked. It´s good to be back.

I have slept very bad the last couple of nights, so I am really tired. Stressrelated, I think. Right now I am sitting at one of my favorite places in Uppsala and are just enjoying my lunchbrake. This aternoon we are going to learn about the patofysics of the circulatory system. Very interesting!



Today six years ago, around 7 in the morning, I got a phone call that for always changed my life!

I was studying and the evening before I had talked to my dad - and we talked again in the middle of the night. He was going to meet me in school and take care of my youngest son (the baby) while I took a mathtest in school.
I woke up with a strange and terrible feeling that something was wrong. But I got the kids ready and sent them to school. The phone wrung while I was driving to school. I had a cold and terrible feeling, so I pulled over before I took the call. It was mom. She just said:
Dad is dead.

I screamed and screamed and screamed!
Then the tears started to fall. I called someone to meet up with me and went to get the children out of school. We all got to say good bye to him that morning. Some of us just touched his cheek, some of us lay down on his arm and held him. He was still warm.

That day changed my life forever and my life has never been the same.
I grew up that day and descided to change my life! And so I have!
I took on his responsabilities and I have carried them well ever since.

I miss my best friend.
I miss my dad!
He was and is my inspiration and rolemodell.
A great friend, an excellent doctor, caring grandfather and my loving father.

Dad - I know I make you proud!
And I am so proud of being your daughter.
I will always love and remember you. All the good times we spent together, the studying, work, long talks, pianomusic and singing, travels, long walks and endless love!

You make me a better person!

Mom left a yellow rose for you on your grave today from me, your favorites!


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