It´s been a while...

I have had so much to do, that I had to priorytise which of all the things I should spend my time doing. So that´s why I haven´t written in quite a while. So sorry!
Since two weeks ago I am out of the country working. The scedule is tough and I work 140%  a n d studying 100% at the same time. I must admit that I am so very tired. But it´s only for a month. Today I´ve had a day when I have really missed my kids and my familly at home. But love has no distance! They are with me here in my heart.

The Christmasshopping is going very slowly. I have found a couple of nice gifts, but I want to by special things. So I search until I find exactly what I have in mind. I bought something for the younger kids a couple of days ago, that I really think that they will like.
We are going to celebrate Christmas three times this year. First with the younger kids and Sven, then at home and then Christmas eve  together with my oldest daughter and her familly. Last years Chistmas was a minor catastrophe, so I am looking forward to a better one this year. And spending it with my grandson is going to be wonderful!

I´ll wright again soon.

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