Even God rested on the seventh day!

YES - I´ve rested for a very long time now.
Just came out of the Intensive care unit and it will take some time to come back to life! I have lifesaving medicine and I will fight to not only stay alive - but to LIVE - live my life to the fullest!!!

So much has happened since I last wrote, that I would have to give out an entire enciklopedia to cover it all! I just want to say THANK YOU to all my loyal friends and my familly. I´m SO grateful to be alive   despite all that´s happened.
Thank´s to pr Kaye who forever is my extra dad and who let´s his amazing familly  be my "extended family". Dr Borgström and dr Blosfeld, my mom, V Andersson and mr Nightship are all big pieces in the puzzle of people that saved my life! Thx for all the prairs, all you people all over the world who are praying for me!

My life has changed so much that it´s almost unrecognisable. I´ll tell you some about is as the days pass...

I just want to wright one of the queerest compliments I´ve ever heard a man state to a woman:
"You´re hair is as beautiful as a sunset - after a bomb went off! Absolutely beautiful!"

Carpe diem!

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