Long time ago now... Starting up again!

We have been down with the flu for weeks now. But even so, I´ve tried to keep up with my songpractice, school, our home, laundry and life. It has been hard and the desition to change things has slowly grown in me.
We are having our first concert out of 10 tomorrow. It is going to be great. I have pracitced a lot. Both to make if sound right, but also because it makes me feel happy.

Life has been both hard and good these last couple of months. The most positive thing is that my mom has had a wonderful time in Canada, together with my sister and her familly.
Another wonderful thing is that Gabriel is becoming more and more healthy. He used to be allergic to more than 40 things. When we were to the doctor last week we were told that his allergys are down to only two now. That is wonderful news and I am so happy for him.

Salomo had a babybrother when his fathers new wife gave birth last Saturday. Congratulations to you all!
My friend M lost her baby! I am so sorry and I just want to say that I know exactly how you feel. It is a sad and terrible experience. But remember the time you shared with your precious baby. Bless you!

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