Back to university.

This is my wonderful familly outside Domkyrkan in Uppsala a month ago.

Now I´ve finally started university again. It is wonderful to study again and last week I got the answer from CSN that they are actually lending me money agai this year. Praise God!
I have published some pictires at facebbok. You are welcome to have a look there as well. I will of course publish some of them here as well.

Be blessed, dear friends and familly!

Student at Uppsala university

It is so hard - but nice to be back in school again. I love it, but I´m so tired. To get us all in time I have to get up at 5.45 every morning. I never go to bed before 11 pm. And during this season we have all the parents meetings etc as well. It´s going to be very interesting to se how full time studies and being a single mother of six will be possible to handle.
My mum is flying of to Canada tonight (back in October) and Rebecca is going on a schooltrip to Gotland. Rebecca will be back on Saturday.
Me and the younger kids are going to se "Krönikerspelen" at Domkyrkoplan while Rebecca is away. It´s going to be fun. The rest of the week is just hard work. I´ll wright more tomorrow.


Starting up again - in English.

Dear friends. I am now back in Uppsala, after a wonderful time on Öland together with all my kids. We have had so much wonderful time together. Swiming in the ocean, playing, singing, resting etc.
The most important thing during this week has been all the time that we´ve spent with the Lord. Jesus has renewed our faith and our lives. Ruth and Mikael was baptised. 7 people came to the Lord during the week and got saved! We have seen so many miracles.

Our lives has completely changed forever. Nothing will ever be the same again.
As you can see I´ve started to wright in English. This is because I have friends all over the world that want to read what I´m wrighting and follow the adventures of our familly.

There is another change as well! Unfortunately, due to my exhusbands familly and friends, I am going to protect my blogg by using a password! So, if you want to continue reading it, you will need to wright a personal message to me and ask for the password. If you and I don´t know each other - please add a presentation of yourself.

My emailaddress is:

God bless you!

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